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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ocean7 LM-7 PloProf Wrist Watch

Ocean7-LM7-Ploprof (2)
It's thanksgiving folks! And Yes it's almost Christmas!
Did you thought gifts for christmas? What about giving your loved once watches? ;)
It’s readily apparent from the get-go that the LM-7 is inspired by that earlier Omega.  Which, depending on your particular tastes, could be a good or a bad thing.   While they are quite visually similar, there are some differences that you’ll find when you get into the details.
Ocean7-LM7-Ploprof (5)
First off, you have the material used.  While the original Omega utilized steel, here, Ocean7 has opted for hardened titanium, which gives great strength, while cutting down on the weight.  This means you have a watch head (that is, the watch without the rubber strap) that only weighs 90g – which is quite a feat for a watch that carries a WR rating of 1250m.
Ocean7-LM7-Ploprof (13)
Though it’s a light watch, it’s not small – it measures in at 55mm x 42mm (17mm thick).  This is in large part due to the plunger (and HEV) over on the right hand side of the case.  The plunger (orange here, where the original had red), of course, is what releases the bezel to be rotated.  This is fun to play around with, especially if you’re the type of person (like me) that has to get things lined right back up perfectly when done timing something.
Ocean7-LM7-Ploprof (7)
Rather than rotating back around a full revolution, you can just back it up a tad.  This also means that, if you were in a dive situation, you could rest assured that the bezel wouldn’t be moving on you once it was set.  The bezel is the next spot that we’ve got some differences.
Ocean7-LM7-Ploprof (8)
First off, what we had in for review came with a sapphire bezel (lumed, nonetheless).  Ok, that’s not quite so different.  What is is the fact that Ocean7 has made it so you can easily swap out the bezel, and they even include an engraved bezel you can swap in.  So, not only are you able to change the looks up, you’re able to get in there and clean things out after a day at the beach.
Ocean7-LM7-Ploprof (9)
I will note one oddity with the bezel that I ran across.  That is, there was much more play than I was expecting.  This didn’t mean I could slop the bezel over to a different minute or anything like that, it’s just… wiggly.  This feels a little disconcerting when you compare to other dive bezels (Ocean7′s have been reliably solid in the past). I think this is primarily due to it being a 60-click (rather than 120-click) bezel as we more commonly see.  And, like I said, even with the wiggle, I couldn’t move the bezel off of the time set.
Ocean7-LM7-Ploprof (11)
The last difference comes into play with the crown.  While it’s over on the left (and set into a massive crown protector) like the Omega, it features a round crown (whereas the Omega had a square one).  Sure, this maybe doesn’t lock things in quite as much as the original, but I’d dare say our water sealing tech has gotten a lot better in the intervening years, so it’s not something I’d be too concerned about (disclaimer:  I am not a diver).
Ocean7-LM7-Ploprof (12)
Ticking away inside is the ETA 2824-2,  which performed just fine while we had the watch in, and I would expect to perform flawlessly, and be able to be easily maintained by your local watch shop (I really should find one myself one of these days, come to think of it).  All told, this is rather competent tool watch, and one that would be ready to take to the seas with you, for the (I feel) reasonable price of $899.
Review Summary
  • Brand & Model: Ocean7 LM-7 Professional PloProf Hardened Titanium Diver
  • Price: $899; upgrades available on the bezel, strap, and/or buckle
  • Who’s it for?:  The person who absolutely loves the original (or maybe even has the original), but wants something they’re not concerned about actually using
  • Would I wear it?: While I appreciate the style heritage, and I like dive watches, this particular style just isn’t for me.
  • What I’d change: Slap a 120-click bezel in there, and possibly swap in a more premium-feel material for the orange plunger.
  • The best thing about it: The faithful reference to the original, without feeling like a cheap knock-off.
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nexus 5 Release date, Specs, Leaked Photos and info

(Credit: MacRumors)
Google's nexus series is the official series of Android OS from Google. Since now, there are 4 Official Nexus Phones and 3 Nexus tabs. Rumors and conjecture have been floating around for much of the summer, and now details seem to be falling into place quickly for the updated flagship Android smartphone. Don't look now, but the LG Nexus 4 successor is expected to make its formal debut by the end of this month.

Still Google Isn't announced a bit of information about the new nexus mobile. At least, they didn't announced the release date! Here's what's expected and what still remains uncertain.

What we expect

October reveal date
We're still waiting for Google to send out invitations, but multiple sources point to an October unveiling for the Nexus 5. According to a TechRadar report, Google will announce and ship the phone in the last week of the month. Other sources, while not quite as specific, have alsomentioned an October introduction.
This fits into Google's pattern as well. Last year's Nexus upgrade was also scheduled for the early autumn time frame, before Hurricane Sandy's interference pushed back the date.
Android 4.4 KitKat
The Nexus 5 should be the first smartphone to run Android 4.4 KitKat, Google's next OS iteration, out of the box. Google has already formalized the platform, but the details are a complete mystery. The fall time frame falls in line with previous platform releases; Android 4.0 came in October 2011, and Android 4.2 showed up in November 2012.
LG will make it
All signs point to Google again calling upon LG as the hardware maker of choice for the Nexus smartphone line. Documents found in the FCC tell of a model called LG D820 with specifications not entirely unlike the G2's, which is the source we expect the Nexus 5 to stem from.
Biggest Nexus yet
The Nexus 5 should have a 4.96-inch screen, which would make it the largest Nexus smartphone to date. We should look for the same 1,920x1,080-pixel HD display as the G2's, which equals a 444-pixel density.

The Nexus 5 form factor does not stray far from the LG Nexus 4's.
(Credit: FCC)
Body shape
Thus far, leaked images suggest that the Nexus 5 will maintain a form factor that doesn't stray far from the LG Nexus 4's. Early photos of the device, however, do not show the same design flourish or patterns on the rear.
The Nexus 5 should be able to hold its own against the competition thanks to the quad-core 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU. Bolstered by 2GB of RAM, LTE support, and NFC capability, the handset is expected to employ wireless charging capability and a 2,300mAh battery. Leaked benchmarks results have the Nexus 5 outperforming all other Android devices and rivalingApple's iPhone 5S.
A 16GB Nexus 5 could sell for $299 and include a 2,300mAh battery, while a 32GB model could come equipped with a 3,000mAh cell battery and retail for $399. Additional storage via microSD is atypical of Nexus smartphones; a recently leaked manual made no reference of the external slot.
Carrier support
FCC documents indicate that the Nexus 5 is equipped for penta-band HSPA+ and multiple LTE bands and should support all four major carriers in the US: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. This could mark the first time that Google is able to offer one device across all top-tier carriers.

Lingering questions

For all that we think we know, there are a few details that need clearing up.

The name
Given that Google pulled the old switcheroo on us with Android 4.4 KitKat (which had previously been confirmed as Key Lime Pie), we shouldn't rule out a name change for the upcoming smartphone. It does mark the fifth-generation Nexus handset, and it should have a 5-inch display. With that said, we should still keep our guard up for a last-minute audible. Nexus G, anyone?
Camera technology
If the Nexus 5 is based on LG's G2 smartphone, then we may see the optical image stabilization (OIS) technology found in the camera. Google likes to introduce new camera features with Android releases, and OIS could make for a compelling user experience.
As one of the most important questions for any device, the cost of the Nexus 5 still remains unclear. Historically, Google has offered its Nexus models unlocked with an attractive price point that falls below much of the competition. There is no indication yet that Google would go in a different direction for the new flagship, though pricing is an important question for contract carriers.
Sales model
If history is an indicator, Google will sell the Nexus 5 two ways. One is via the Google Play store, where customers can buy the phone unlocked or choose a wireless provider. The other will likely be through the carriers themselves, as with the Nexus 4 on T-Mobile. This time around, it's more likely that we'll see the top-tier carriers sell the device at the outset, rather than as a limited exclusive.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Huawei Vitria, the $130 4G Device!

If you are looking for a cheap, but a good branded 4G Handset, here it is. Huawei released their cheapest 4G Device for the world. The good part is, it's only $130. Here is some specs and a short review of this amazing Android device.

By most measurements, the thickset, plain-looking Vitria is hardly the catch, especially with last season's Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, a 5-megapixel camera, and a slowish dual-core processor. The phone, too, has obvious performance flaws, like data and processing hiccups, and rapid battery drain.
However, the camera takes pleasing shots and video, the Android experience is still satisfying, and T-Mobile's control over Metro means that LTE speeds have never been faster.
Metro's Vitria isn't the carrier's least expensive smartphone, and it certainly isn't its best, but it offers up a decent package if you can look beyond some stability snags. For $20 more, it's also worth checking out the LG Optimus F3 and the LG Optimus L9, both comparable 4G options for $149 with MetroPCS.

Design and build
Though uninspiring, there's nothing inherently wrong with the Vitria's plain Jane looks. In fact, its rounded corners, matte gray perimeter, and soft-touch backing are comfortable enough, even if the phone tips the scale at a heavy 4.9 ounces.
Size wise, the handset's 5-inch height, 2.5-inch width, and 0.46-inch depth are pretty standard, though the Vitria is a bit taller (and weightier) than Samsung phones with 4-inch screens, like AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and Cricket's Samsung Galaxy Admire 2. As a result, it isn't quite as compact, and may protrude a bit more from smaller pockets.
The Huawei Vitria is a basic Android smartphone that courts' 4G LTE.
(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)
As for that 4-inch screen, its 800x480-pixel resolution is par for the course. Colors don't look as bright or as saturated as some rivals, like the similarly specced-out Galaxy S3 Mini, and the viewing angle isn't as wide. However, when I compared detailed HD wallpaper side by side on the two devices (both at maximum brightness), the Vitria showed slightly greater detail throughout the scene, and higher contrast.
Build quality is nothing special on the Vitria, but edges seemed sealed and the heft gives it a feeling of solidity. Around the spines, you'll find the volume rocker, headset jack, power/lock button, and Micro-USB charging port. You take screenshots by simultaneously pressing Power and Volume Down. The front houses the speaker grille and VGA front-facing camera. On the back, there's the 5-megapixel camera and LED flash.
An indentation on the back cover is supposed to help you peel off the back panel, but for me, it was hard to find purchase unless I angled my fingernail just so. When it does, you can slide in up to 32GB in microSD storage.
OS and features
Huawei has added a few of its own design touches onto the Vitria, but it isn't the elaborateEmotion UI you'll see blanketing this Android 4.1 Jelly Bean device. However, an app called Themes does give you a taste of that UI with a total of five options. Instead, there's a circular lock screen that lets you unlock the phone to the dialer, home screen, camera, or messaging app.
You also get some quick-access toggles in the notification shade, some stylized icon designs, and a setting menu broken into a tab for general options and one for all settings. There's no gesture to pinch for an overview of the home screens, but the settings make up for that with easy access to font size, ringtone, and notification tone choices. There's also a fast boot setting that's turned on by default, and a choice to add a battery percentage meter to the home screen.
You'll have your choice of a few themes to customize the Vitria's interface.
(Credit: Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET)
Swype comes preloaded onto the Vitria's keyboard, along with a tutorial for the uninitiated. That helps keep the keyboard from feeling too cramped. A voice dictation microphone can also pitch in. I also like the built-in FM radio.
MetroPCS, Huawei, and Google together populate the Vitria with app presets, some of which are more useful than others. For example, beyond the Google suite of apps and essentials like a calculator and calendar are a ton of MetroPCS titles that take you to various storefronts and portals. Backup, and FM radio, a voice recorder, and a notes app are other useful tools. There's also one that will help you turn the phone into a mobile hot spot for up to eight devices (but keep an eye on those battery levels!)
Cameras and video
Photos were decent on the Vitria's 5-megapixel camera, thanks in part to autofocus and an LED flash. Outdoor shots taken with natural light worked better than indoor shots with competing light sources.
The Vitria offers up a fair number of shooting modes and settings, including HDR and panorama, low-light mode, and a burst shot. There's a hearty helping of filters as well, for the Instagram crowd. Goofy effects like Big Nose and Wide Smile are engineered to get cheap laughs. ISO, white balance, a grid, and red-eye reduction are all tucked away, along with other settings. A pop-out menu makes these easy to find, and onscreen controls handle toggling from camera to video, from front to rear camera, and the state of the flash.
The 5-megapixel camera takes fair shots; some are better than others.
(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)
After taking the photo, editing tools can crop, continue to adjust red eye, rotate, and flip. There are even more filters and effects.
720p HD video capture was also good, faithfully capturing street scenes and an indoor basketball shooting match between coworkers. Keep in mind that while the microphone picks up your voice and general ambient noise, it isn't good at recording the voices of people you may be talking to.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Apple’s 2014 product roadmap revealed!

Apple is gearing up for the launch of the next-gen iPad and the iPad mini later this month and the new iPhones in India next month. In the meantime, research analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has revealed a possible roadmap of devices Apple is going to launch next year, Apple Insider reports.

According to Kuo, Apple is reportedly planning on launching a 12-inch MacBook, which will boast an ‘ultra-slim clamshell form factor’ and a Retina display similar to the one seen on the MacBook Pro. This new laptop is likely to be powered by an Intel CPU like the new iMacs and the overall package is expected to “redefine laptop computing once again following the milestone created by the MacBook Air.”

Apple is also said to have started working on the sixth-generation iPad, which according to Kuo will cram in 40 percent more pixels compared to the Retina display on the current-gen iPad. There are also some murmurs about the third-generation iPad mini, but there’s currently no information available about the device.

Lastly, Kuo adds that Apple will be launching a budget iMac, which will be cheaper than the 21.5-inch iMac. The surprisingly low sales figures of the desktop PCs are what is said to have triggered this move. Apple recently refreshed the iMac lineup, which featured Intel’s Haswell CPUs, 802.11ac W-Fi, and GeForce 700-series graphics.

By: Sambit Satpathy

Sunny Leone not just eye candy in Jackpot, says director Kaizad Gustad

The late porn star - Sunny Leone stopped acting on Porn movies and she entered the bollywood industry with Puja Bhath's Jism 2. After the succeed , She got invitation from many directors in bollywood. So this is the newest story about it.

Boom fame director Kaizad Gustad says Indo-Canadian porn star-turned-Bollywood actress Sunny Leone is not just eye candy in his filmJackpot. In fact, she is the mastermind of all that happens in the film.

"If you have Sunny Leone in your film, it cannot happen that you don't have something sexy about her. But she is not just a prop or background or eye candy to look pretty (in the film)," Gustad said here in an interview.
"I have actually given her a role where she is playing a kind of femme fatale... She is the actual mastermind of all the 'jhol' (mischief) in the film. I've tried to portray her in a very intelligent way," he added.
Jackpot, set in Goa, also features Naseeruddin Shah and Sachiin Joshi. It marks the Bollywood debut of Tamil actor Bharat.
The director is impressed with Sunny's hard work and said that it's always nice for a filmmaker to work with actors who are as dedicated as her.
"What I liked about Sunny is her determination and hard work. I found it very refreshing. She is always on time, always ready, waiting and listening and wanting to do more," Gustad said.
Sunny made her Bollywood debut with Jism 2. She rose to popularity in India after her stint on the fifth season of TV reality show Bigg Boss.


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